The highly targeted, specifically targeted and measured marketing of any brand, product or service is digital marketing. Digital marketing employs various technologies to break barriers in recognising clientele, crafting messages and getting it across to the audience. The goal is to understand the audience, appeal to the audience with a set unique selling proposition, converting them to customers and retaining them.

In this era, Digital Marketing is very powerful. Given that most of the populous, 7+ onwards has a little handheld mode of communication that brings them the world of advertising, content and information – nothing has more power than the simple every day tools of digital display.

Digital Marketing is built on simple bidirectional communication – where the customer can communicate with the source, unlike traditional marketing. Traditional marketing is unidirectional with television commercials and print advertising. You can definitely yell at the TV, but that won’t get you far. Now you can always leave a comment on the product you want to purchase, and it almost always goes answered.
With Digital Marketing, almost everyone – the audience is global. Despite the global audience, strategies are built to target specific age, sex, socio economic, breadcrumbs, search footprints, etc. Strategies are trackable, and measurable. Most importantly, Digital grants the liberty to change strategic course when the results are not favourable.

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